«Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better»
A. Einstein

Under this philosophy etheres living in nature were created. The landscape, the beautiful views inspired us to build sustainable while adapting to the traditional architecture.
Ιt’s like, etheres were totally blended into the environment around it.

Etheres consists of natural stone, clean architectural volumes, Mediterranean vegetation, clear blue sky, sea and mountain views, generous outdoor shaded and sunny spaces and water elements.

“The original vision of our architectural design was to create a unique housing complex
for leisure were both the built environment and natural environment interweave.”

USEarchitecture_ architectural studio 


The villas in etheres living in nature are sustainable, eco-conscious, made of fine and local materials. Designed with low-impact living in mind, earthy textures and materials.
There is a strong connection to nature and all villas are constructed to follow an environmentally sustainable framework.
Local stone, wood, kourasani paints, iron, and our Mediterranean garden, all come together to ease your senses, and inspire.

Our Mediterranean garden exists in harmony with the environment – Its the beauty of coexistence.

The solar water heating system, the rainwater collection on the rooftop of the building throughout the year for watering the garden, and the biological wastewater treatment are following the sustainable development of our villas.

With great respect and love to the environment and with a primary goal to save resources, etheres living in nature were made.